Catawba Catfish  Club
Tournament Series
Rock Hill,S.C.

"The Southeast Premier Catfish Tournament Series"

Schedule and Rules

Catawba Catfish Club

2015-2016 Tournament Schedule
Schedule Coming Soon for 2015-2016 Tournament Season

Points Award System
1st-30 Points,2nd-28 Points,3rd-26 Points,4th-24 Points,5th-22 Points,6th-21 Points,7th-20 Points,
8th-19Points,9th-18 Points,10th-17 Points,11th-16 Points,12th-15 Points,13th-14 Points,14th-13 Points,15th-12 Points,16th-11 Points,17th-10 Points,18th-9 Points,19th-8 Points,20th-7 Points
All Others-5 Points For Entering
Big Fish Winners-5 Points

Points Championship will pay the Top 2 spots split 60%/30% and the Big Fish of the Year will Pay 10%,this is all out of the $5 accumilated pot from each entrant throughout the year.Final amount will be determined naturally by the number of participants at each event.

{New}-All Teams must turn in their Captain Signed Yellow Sign In sheet to the Weigh Master at the weigh in,Failure to do so will Result in a Forfiet and No Points will be awarded for event.You must turn in your sheet to get at least the 5 Participation Points for that event.

Teams will consist of Up to 4 Members,those members up to 4 will make up the Team for the entire season,Only One team member is required to be present at each tournament to gain points for said team..Anyone else{a Non Member/Members} may fish with a team at any point during the season as long as Total on boat does not exceed 4 persons{excluding kids}

{New}-No Team Members will be allowed to added during the Season,You will set  your Team when you sign up at Your first event fished,Team will be set from that point forward till season end,
If your whole Team choses not to enter an event,then NO Points will be given.There will be NO entering the tournament and not fishing just to gain points,If you enter and don’t fish,that’s 0 points.

3 Fish Limit Per Boat on All Tournaments
All Fish Must Be Alive to be Weighed,No Dead Fish Will Be Weighed
Sign Up will begin 2 Hours Prior to Start Time             
Random Polygraphing will be held!     Livewell and Cooler Checks at All Events!!
$30 Entry Fee Per Person,Limit 4 Per Boat..Entry Fee Breakdown-$20 to Tournament Payout paid 100%,$5 to Points and Big Fish Championship Fund,$5 to Polygraph and Operation Fund of the Catawba Catfish Club
$10 Optional Big Fish Pot-100% Payback to Single Biggest Fish

Contacts-Marty Green-803-372-1623                    Visit us at
Jeff Green-803-242-6351                                         Email us at

Catawba Catfish Club

2015-2016 Rules

Contact Numbers-Marty Green 803-372-1623                 Visit us at

                                 Jeff Green 803-242-6351                      Email us at


Entry Fee-$30 Per Person..Breakdown is $20 to Tourament Pot paid back 100%,$5 to Points and Big Fish Championship Fund,$5 to Polygraph/Operation Fund of the Catawba Catfish Club

0-10 Boats-1st 70%,2nd 30%

11-20 Boats-1st 50%,2nd 30%,3rd 20%

21-30 Boats-1st 50%,2nd 25%,3rd 15%,4th 10%

31-40 Boats-1st 40%,2nd 25%,3rd 20%,4th 10%,5th 5%

41-50 Boats-1st 40%,2nd 20%,3rd 15%,4th 12%,5th 8%,6th 5%

100% Big Fish Payout to Single Biggest Fish{Optional Entry of $10 Per Boat}

Entry Fee will be $30 Per Person up to 4 Entries per Boat, Children Under 18 fish Free...3 Fish Weigh in ,Must Be Alive To Be Weighed,No Dead Fish will be weighed.No Exceptions!

1.This is a Team Event,even though you enter individually,All Boats fish as a Team,No more than 4 Entrants per Boat.
2.In case of Extreme water/weather conditions,Catawba Catfish Club reserves the right to postpone or Cancel the event.
3.All Boats will leave Launch site at designated Blast off time,No Trailoring will be allowed,NO Saving of Spots to fish will be allowed and No Bank Fishing by any Entrant.
4.Teams must compete from a boat and remain in the boat during tournament hours.
5.All Fish must be caught on Rod and Reel.A Maximum of 12 Rods per boat may be used at one time.No Catfish may be taken by Jugs,Limblines or Trotlines.
6.Teams must comply with All Local,State Fishing and Boating Regualtions,Use of PFDs and Killswitches are strongly encouraged by all competitors,Fishing and Boating Licenses are the responsibility of Entrants.
7.Any Commercial or Natural Bait will be allowed.No chumming 48 hours prior to event.
8.Any Species Catfish{Blue,Channel,Flathead,White,Bullhead Etc.} may be weighed,A Team Limit of 3 Fish per Boat must be weighed in alive.
9.Any Team having a member who fails or refuses to take a polygraph test or whose condition does not permit administration of a test because of contestants use of alchohol or drugs[ Moderate-Extreme] will be disqualified and that team will not be allowed to participate in Future Catawba Catfish Club Events.
10.Any protest must be made within 15 minutes of Final Weigh in in writing with rule Number/s broken.Ruling will be made by Catawba Catfish Club Directors and their decision is Final.
11.Wanton Unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for disqualification if circumstances require.Please NO Alchohol or Tobacco Products at weigh in.Please use Extreme caution with Alchohol during tournament hours.Its your decision to consume,please Drink responsibly if you chose to do so.
one allowed on Tournament waters 8 hours prior to Tournament except to catch bait with castnet or ultra light tackle.
13.Weigh in will begin 30 minutes after Tournament end.In case of a tie for a position,Tiebreaker will be Team with Biggest Fish will earn the Higher Spot.
14.Sign up will begin 2 hours prior to advertised Start time.Captains meeting may be called prior to start of event if cause arises.Know all of the rules beforehand.
15.The Catawba Catfish Club,Its Directors or Contestants are not and will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries at any Catawba Catfish Club Tournament or Event.
16.Channel 69 on Marine VHF Radio will be monitored during tournament hours to report trouble or need of assistance by any competritor .
17.Anyone caught or seen discarding Expired fish at the Launch Site and Weigh In Site will be Dqed and Suspended for 1 year from Club Events on 1st offence.2nd offence will result in permanent Ban from Catawba Catfish Club Events.This will not be tolerated
18.Livewells and Coolers will be checked at Sign In{No Exceptions}Failure to Comply results in Disquaification and possiblity of being  banned from future Catawba Catfish Club Events.
19.The Use of Stringers or Ropes for the use of Stringering or tying Catfish to the side of the boat or anywhere else is strictly prohibited during Catawba Catfish Club Tournaments.No Exceptions allowed!All fish must be kept in a live well or something similar{Cooler,Tank}…No Fish that has been Stringered or tied up will be weighed.
20.Only approved Containers {Totes}may be used to transport Catfish to weigh in…No Nets or Bags Allowed!Fish Brought to scales in an unapproved container will not be weighed and Team will be DQed!!

The Catawba Catfish Club and their events are Family oriented,Please No Profanity or rude behavior. Proper Dress Attire during events and weigh in to project a good image of the club.

-By participating you agree to have your name and photo on our website or Local News and magazines

-Thank You for your participation and Cooperation on these rules.Catawba Catfish Club

































































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